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Informal Essay Writing has to Thrive in Ethiopia

Before the advent of ‘Social media’ platform opening access for informal essay authors, there were iconic figures who pioneered within the trends of informal essay writing in Ethiopia. As a typical genre of creative writing, one can easily find those informal writing so close to heart. In authoring Informal essay, the author seems at the lowest easy access to get the comprehension of the reader throughout the texts of the informal essay.
Thus far, our fair nation is not devoid of ‘real ambassadors’ of Informal Essay writing in Ethiopia. From the very beginning, the late Mesfin Habtemariam was cherished as the classic and notably pioneering in Informal writing. As for Mesfin “Ye Buna Bet Seiloch- to mean ‘The paints of pub’” “auda a’amet- to mean ‘Holiday’ and ‘Yelelit Dimtsoch -to mean ‘beeping in  overnight” was dime enough to be domesticated as historic literary products under Ethiopia literary development.  In their attribute, the irregular order and the seemingly nature to jumble the orderly fictional writing, indeed caught the intention of the reader. In several rounds of media documentary, Mesfin disclosed as to how he was provoked to author ‘auda a’amet’ ( to mean holiday). In his tale, he was inspired so suddenly in his exposure to attend on e of the Ethiopiaan Pass over festivity. And to his credit, the work was so descriptive to narrate the nitty gritty of  how an Ethiopian household prided the rites of holiday celebration. Mesfin graciously uncovered the very sacred life of celebrating holiday in a rush cosmopolitan vibe.
Very recently,  we find  Bewketu Seyoum who  has debatably reincarnated Informal Essay writing once again the literary soil while he wrote several episodes . The author contributed several articles under the column dubbed as Megbat ena Mewtat (to mean – ‘Exit in and Exit out’) whose protagonist – Muaz is known for critically observing the society. Thus, the protagonist-Muaz observes just from his waiter assignment where he comments on the character of many café visitors.
Also, Daniel Kibret also joined argumentative essay as showcased on various papers and non-fictions. Apparently, with such informal publication one can face with the personality and temperament of the authors. In our case, somebody may got Daniel as a very ‘opinionated’ person through a prism of his blog site, newspaper articles and a book  containing collection of articles. Ever since his former articles appeared on the defunct ‘Addis Neger’ weekly Amharic paper, he nudged issues ranging from social incidents to outright political crisis.
Lately, the reflection and political memoire of the late Assefa Chabo was known to be too informal in ways of communicating the text of his narrative. Awhile his narration,  he draws the words just like as he spoke a long story of his experience and mixing up the different episode. Interestingly, all what he wrote is keen for one’s hearts just like to hear a story from a big brother of a household.
On the other hand, we find ‘ Efrem Endale’ who sharpened his pen whose articles successively appeared for the past one and half decade on Addis Admas. The satiric style of his arguments created a different colorful identity for his publications. Though,  the mood of his writing ends by hilarity,  perhaps one can the argument as he shared it from his soul. He touched all current affairs to be commented
In sum, HOHE Awards contends that promoting ‘Informal Essay Writing’ as an important step on which it is part of promoting Ethiopian literary culture.  We yearn to see many more Mesfin Habtemariam who delves into the folks of cosmopolitan festivity.

(This article is contributed by HOHE Awards. HOHE Awards started in 2017, is an annual award presented for an author of a distinguished book possessing notable literary merit and critical perspective and illuminating important contemporary issues)


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