Wubetu parts with Hawassa, Mesay out at Fasil


After three and half years the former Ethiopia Neged Bank, Adama and Ethiopia Bunna head coach Webetu Abate left Hawassa with his assistant Mulugeta Meheret the favorite to take over the hot seat. Mesay Teferi also bowed out of Fasil following his half year contract termination.
Finishing ninth in the league season collecting only 36 points from 30 matches, Wubetu’s three year term with former  Ethiopian champions Hawassa was not impressive as far as results.  But they played entertaining football and produced a lot of young talent. “Entertaining football and emerging talent will be the legacy he leaves behind  and we will remain grateful for his time with Hawassa,” remarked an official from the club.
The former Saint George and Ethiopian national team skipper Mulugeta Meheret assistant to Wubetu for the last two seasons is going to take over for the coming season.
Also on the move is Mesay Teferi who has been with the Gondor based side for half of the current season. Taking over the side three matches in to the second round, things appeared to be too hard for the former Wolayta Dicha popular Boss Mesay for he could only manage four wins and four draws in twelve outings. Only 16 points from a possible 36 points Fasil’s official decided not to extend the contract thus Mesay left the Club for good. “I am always grateful for having the chance to boss Fasil,” Mesay told reporters.