Colonel Awol heads Organizing Committee while Sewnet takes the Technic


EFF President Issayas Jirra has assigned his cabinet members to lead the standing committees and organize their respective sub committees. The two most important jobs, the Organizing Committee and Technical and Development departments went to Colonel Awol Abdulrahim and instructor Sewnet Bishaw respectively. Five of the nine department heads were in same position during the previous executive body spearheaded by Junedin Basha, considered by some to be the worst ever.
It is a mystery how members of the previous executive body happened to be once again at the center stages of Ethiopian Football and in fact it is very ironic. The committee leaders became official at the start of the week. Yosef Tesfaye from Addis Ababa, Abebe Gelagay from Diredawa, Zerihun Kekebo from the Southern region and Alimirah Mohammed from Afar are the five individuals who had been serving in the previous executive body and now are named department heads for a second four year term.
The army Colonel who brought up Dedebit FC from scratch to a Premier League title winning outfit in less than a decade and is now vice president of EFF, Colonel Awol Abdulrahim was named Chairman of the National Organizing Committee while Sewnet who steered Ethiopia to the African nations Cup final after three decades is bestowed to lead the Technic and Development Department.
Yosef Tesfaye who had been suspended for years for failing to follow-up Lucy’s presence in the international qualification campaign is Chairman to the highly controversial Referees Committee while the only woman in the cabinet Sofia Almaw is in charge of women’s football. Abebe Gelagay, Alimirah Mohammed and Zerihun Kekebo are spearheading the Marketing, Security and Medical Committees respectively.