Feleg Tsegaye


Name: Feleg Tsegaye

Education: B.A. Computer Information Systems

Company name: Deliver Addis

Title: Founder/GM

Founded in: 2015


What it does: Delivery of meals

HQ: Addis Ababa

Number of employees: 30+

Startup Capital:     1,000,000 birr

Current capital:  Growing

Reasons for starting the business: To allow customers the ability to have their favorite foods come to them

Biggest strength: Our tested processes, technology, and experience

Biggest perks of Ownership: Building a solid mission-driven team

Plan: To add additional restaurants to our ever-growing list of partners

Biggest challenge: Internet/power unreliability

First career: IT Specialist for the US Federal Reserve

Most interested in meeting: Mark Zuckerberg

Most admired person: My parents

Stress reducer: Watching films and catching up on the news

Favorite past-time: Trying new restaurants, building software

Favorite book: None

Favorite destination: Kraków, Poland

Favorite automobile: None