Tadele Yohannes


Name: Tadele Yohannes

Education: 8th Grade

Company name: Tadele Fast Foods

Title: Founder and manager

Founded in: 2018


What it does: Prepares and sells fast food

HQ: Around Addis Ababa Stadium

Number of employees: Two

Startup Capital:   15,000 birr

Current capital:   Growing

Reasons for starting the business: I always wanted to have something of my own

Biggest strength: Commitment

Biggest perks of Ownership: Mental satisfaction

Plan: Expanding the business

Biggest challenge: Community’s attitude towards consuming fast food

First career:  Waiter

Most interested in  meeting: Osman (the man who rescued me while I was in Egypt)

Most admired person: Everyone who supported me

Stress reducer: Reading the Bible

Favorite past-time: Chilling with my friends

Favorite book: Holy Bible

Favorite destination: Thailand

Favorite automobile: Volkswagen