Belay Bekel Waya comes out with new short story collection


A new book called Kebashager Bashager, which literally means beyond what is beyond, by the young poet and author Belay Bekele Weya was released three weeks ago. The 144 page book included a series of short fiction stories and was named after a story based on a poem.
The author uses his unique perspective to develop characters and present his short stories in a continuous form while representing chapters with poems.
Belay is known for his social media activities which mainly focus on societal criticism. Eyehedu Metebek, which was published in 2014, was his first book which later was followed by Enkilf Eena Set, Afkemeleh Poem collection CD and Ke Setegna Adari Yetekoreje Saq. His next book called Yeshererit Kenef is already in the pipeline according to Belay.
The fulltime author, Belay, told Capital that he rewrote the book after he lost the original when his laptop was stolen. “We were planning to inaugurate the book at the reading for life exhibition but the print was delayed so we decided to do it at the National Theater in September,” said Belay.
Belay writes often about society and has praised Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his unifying agenda.
“The reason that I dedicated the book to him, among others, is that he enabled us to witness the change that we all have been fighting for,” said Belay.
Belay started using his full name, including his grandfather’s, regularly after he read that the legendary Shaka Bekele Weya, originally from Gurage area, defeated the Italian troops using modern military operations and patriotic acts.
“After I read the history of Shaka and when my father and grandfather’s name became the same as his is when I started using my name,” Belay told Capital.
In the coming Ethiopian year Belay is getting ready to release one poem collection called Yesererit Kinf.
“I am completing a fully fledged fiction which I hope to release in the coming year,” he said.