New motto for Ethiopian Tourism


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has announced a new motto for the upcoming culture and tourism campaign with the goal of using culture and heritage as a means for national unity. In a press conference given by the new Minister, Foziya Amin, he announced local and international outreach led by the ministry to strengthen unity and relationships with neighboring countries, especially Eretria.
“A symposium is being organized to celebrate the two nation’s culture and brotherhood,” said Fozia. “There are ongoing efforts to facilitate a New Year festival both in Addis Ababa and Asmara through a cultural delegation.”
The new motto “And Honen And Enebel” is being promoted to bring the culture of hospitality and conflict management tradition into effect, according to the ministry.
“Even though the nation is rich with culture and indigenous knowledge, we are not using this to bring the recent rages to an end and help out nation develop,” said Foziya.
Art will also be utilized to bring the nation’s rich culture to the next generation, the minister announced.
During the campaign the issue of the peace and security is being taken seriously by the government, the minister emphasized. They want to welcome the Diaspora community and make it attractive for them to come visit their homeland during the New Year instead of watching it on television.
The symposium which aims to strengthen the relationship between the Eritrean and Ethiopian community will begin next week at the National Cultural Center, according to Foziya.