PM Abiy meets with key player in coffee sector


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) met with key industry actors and regulators of the coffee sector to address the binding constraints in order to improve productivity, value addition export earnings.
The Premier “addressing the poor export performance and weak trade balance is an urgent priority for Ethiopia,” according to Fitsum Arega, Chief of Staff at the Premier’s Office
Ethiopia earned  USD 2.8 billion  from export, slightly higher than half of the planned  USD 5.23 billion in the concluded Ethiopian budget year, ENA reported.
Agriculture, manufacture and mining sectors were the top sectors in achieving better performances of 64.9 percent, 45.9 and 15.2 percent of the plan respectively, the press release added.
Compared to the same period of last year, the revenue earned in the budget year witnessed lower performance by  USD 71.4 million.