Dedebit moves to Mekele


Ethiopian Premier League former champions Dedebit FC rocked the Ethiopian Football. The club’s moved its base from Addis Ababa to Mekele where its name sake Dedebit, is found. The second is setting a salary cap that is slashing the artificially ballooned football players’ signing bonus back to five digits.
The brain child of the former TPLF fighter Colonel Awol Abdulakim the current EFF vice President, it took only 15 years to start from scratch then go on winning the title in the 2012 season. At the time Dedebit among the first to sky rocket football players’ signing bonus from five digit in to seven digit figures to sign big fishes the likes Getaneh Kebede, Seyoum Tesfaye and Aynalem Hailu to win the title pushing off Saint George and Ethiopia Bunna, despite having big sponsors; Mesobo Cement, SUR Construction and Selam Transport things appear hard to support thus Dedebit is back  to basics setting the salary cap to 25000 Birr for senior players and 10000 Birr a month for young talents. The decision is likely to bring back all clubs to to spend on youth academies rather than throwing away stashes for nothing and employing foreign footballers.
The other major decision of switching its base to Mekele might win lots of supporters from the region. The move North means Tigray is to be represented by three sides: Mekele, Welwalo-Adigrat and Dedebit FC. Dedebit’s move means a lot for young talent from Tigray looking for a club to try out their chances.
Already signing two players from first division side Shinshicho and another two from Baherdar and Wolayta Dicha, Dedebit FC is once again in the for front to lead Ethiopian Football to basics.