Eden H/Michael


Name: Eden H/Michael

Education: 8th Grade

Company name: Eden natural flower shop

Title: Founder and manager

Founded in: 2016


What it does: Provides natural flowers and decoration

HQ:   Haike Dar shopping center, Hawassa

Number of employees: 1

Startup Capital:   40,000 birr

Current capita:  Growing

Reasons for starting the business: To be self-employed

Biggest strength: Not giving up easily

Biggest perks of Ownership: Helped me to be independent

Plan: To expand the business

Biggest challenge: Finance and finding customers

First career: Sales at a flower shop

Most interested in  meeting: None

Most admired person: My husband

Stress reducer: Prayer

Favorite past-time: Going to church

Favorite book: Holly Bible

Favorite destination: Dubai

Favorite automobile: Toyota Land Cruiser V-8