EPRDF reviews gains from reform initiative


Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) concluded its regular session held 20-22 August 2018.
During its three-day meeting, the Committee reviewed the gains made from realization of the reform initiative, according to a statement Office of EPRDF sent to FBC today.
The Committee confirmed that great and unbelievable achievements were made from the reforms undertaken in a short period of time.
It also praised the successes achieved in the political, diplomatic, and socio-economic sectors as well as the peace deal reached between Ethiopia and Eritrea and the toughening of ties with neighboring and Middle East countries.
The Committee evaluated the release of Ethiopian prisoners at home and abroad, negotiations held with armed groups, opening of blocked websites and efforts made to reform the justice system as a positive move, which according to the Committee would help widening the political space.
It also praised the measures taken to strengthen unity of Ethiopians by unifying the two synods of the Ethiopian Orthodox churches and reconciling the Muslim community.
The Committee commended the measures taken to curb shortage of foreign currency and the ongoing efforts to finalize delayed projects.
However, it underscored the need to boost productivity of the agricultural and manufacturing sectors and called for the utilization of all means to reduce inflation to a single digit, and to exert more efforts to ensure rule of law and realize the reform.
The Committee finally called on the public to strengthen their support for the sustainability of the reform launched at a national level.