Love Your Tyres: Life Hacks for tyre maintenance


Did you know that at 60km/h the sole contact between the road and your car is a small patch on your tyres about the size of your palm? As the only part of your car that physically touches the ground, it’s imperative your tyres are properly maintained.
Derek Kirkby, Training Director at Ford’s Driving Skills for Life (DSFL), a programme which aims to promote a safe and economical driving culture, says that tyres in good shape ensure a much safer journey, and even increase fuel efficiency. “If you are just 0.3 BAR below the optimum tyre pressure, you increase the rolling resistance of your vehicle by up to 10 per cent,” he says. “And optimum tyre pressure can provide up to three per cent better fuel economy. It all adds up!”
Ford Motor Company and DSFL offers you four easy-to-remember tips on how to be more ‘street smart’, and show your tyres the love they deserve.