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New festival to promote charity and culture for kids


A unique festival to promote the charity and culture promotion for the teenagers and children was opened today at the Lideta Mercato Shopping center. Organized by Shakcrux Trade & Event Management PLC, the event will stay until September 10, 2018.
The event will enable the children to donate their toys, clothes, and accessories to the needy. Also, public figures which are known for their charitable character will be invited to share their experiences with the audience.
The financial institutions will teach the children the saving culture, companies which sell products for the children will sell their products and cultural games which are now being at the risk of extinction in the urban community will be promoted.
The festival is expected to be visited by 20,000 children and youth and about 63 companies are participating.
“The private community should invest in children which are the next consumer generation. The role to shape and teach good citizens seems left to the government and the Non-Governmental Organisations and we need to break that culture” said Aklile Belete Manager of Shakcrux.
“We invested about 700,000 birr to make this festival happen and most private companies didn’t want to sponsor such events,” he said.
Aklile argues that there are too many interesting indigenous games which help the youth to be mentally and physically strong but the elders didn’t promote it. He believes the blame on the current generation to neglect its culture is the fault of the previous generation who categories its culture as a backwardness.
“The youth and children are more connected to the technology and are not sociable which is a risk as a social,” he said. “Our cultural games and such connection festivals will solve the problem” Aklile concludes.
Shakcrux is a trade and events management company which is mainly engaged in promoting new products in Ethiopia, organizing trade fares locally and overseas. The eight years old company is reputable for the
There will not be an entrance payment for the attendance of the event but there are going to be payments for specific games, but fair, according to Aklile. Flintstone shops and other companies sponsored part of the festival.
The festival which is the very first of its kind will be held on annual bases.

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