Premier League Coaches in merry-go-round circus


The Ethiopian Premier League Coaches’ bizarre merry-go-round circus is once again in motion with Gebremedin Haile who steered Jimma AbaJifar to its first ever championship title in its very first season at the top tier leaving to Mekele, while Yohannes Sahle praised for building a strong squad that finished fourth will move to relegation struggler Diredawa. Former Adama, Ethiopia Bunna, Ethiopia NegedBank  and Hawassa Coach Wubetu Abate takes over at  Fasil.
What is more shocking than the two coaches leaving their strong sides in search of something hard to gives the sense to others there is a pending appointment of Zemariam W/Giorgis taking over at champion Jimma AbaJIfar. Notorious for leaving in the middle of crisis with lame excuses; and running into a stadium to punch playes, here comes Zemariam taking over Jimma AbaJifar a side committed to the African Champions League season.
Imagine a champion team stripped of nine of its key players, led by lame duck Zemariam and singing no names to represent Ethiopia at the 2018 African champions League? Hard to imagine yet a living example for the country’s football.
Travelling from team to teams is not about looking for a fresh adventure but according to insiders the best way to rip money in the name of transfers and new signings. “In addition to a huge signing bonus which is practiced only in Ethiopia, kick-backs are common in the transfer market. Therefore the better to move around rather than staying at one club and counting your success in wining titles and producing new talent,” one frustrated coach remarked to Capital Sport.