Tsegaye K/mariam in signing spree to Welwalo


Former Harar Birra, Ethiopia NegedBank , Ethiopia Bunna and Arbaminch Coach Tsegaye K/Mariam is back in business signing nearly a full squad for relegation survival Welwalo Adigrat University. So far the most active participant in the transfer window, Welwalo signed twelve players including two foreigners.
Tsegaye notorious for signing more than eight footballers almost every single season since his time with Harar Birra, has now kicked-off his signing spree taking lots of flat footed players in to his wing. More than a dozen seasons under his belt and class of the 31st African nations’ Cup final duos: Berhanu Bogale and Asrat Megersa signed a two year contract with a rumored three million Birr each.
Much travelled players: winger Efrem Ashamo, full backs Desta Demu, Robel Asrat, Binyam Sirag and Daniel Adhanom are among the new signees to Welwalo. What is surprising about the club that has the worst playground among the Premier League clubs is that of the signing of three foreign player’s namely former Dedebit goalie Ghanaian Amarah Clement, the Burkinabe winger former Saint George Prince Severnho and Clement Azonto.
According to some critics rather than the club opting for a nine million birr three year sponsorship deal with Raya Beer it would have been better to lobby for the construction of  a stadium to be named after the brewery. “I am sure Raya Brewery would be happier to have that opportunity and the club to own a good stadium. But the problem is that everyone is running after money rather than dreaming of a better future for the sport,” one of the critics suggested. “It is crazy to pay millions to a single player at the same time make him play in a dusty ground,” he added.