NegedBank, Medin and Muger never returned. Will Ethio-Electric come back?


With former two time Ethiopian champion Ethio-Electric relegated there are no more government institution affiliated clubs except the Army side Mekelakya in the Premier League. Muger Cement, Ethiopia Medin, Ethiopia NegedBank are of the few to mention that not only lost their grip in the top tier but two of them Muger and NegedBank are nonexistent following their drop down. Could Electric survive in the woods to burst back in to the Premier League? Many are in doubt of its return in the near future.
Though it was all about government sponsored clubs some two decades back, this time the Premier League is about three non-government teams Saint George, Ethiopia Bunna and Dedebit FC, 12 City administration clubs and The Army side Mekelakya. Though the reason for the rise of  City Administration teams is unclear the teams are notorious for commanding millions of tax payers’ money that entails no accountability and lack of professionals.
The slippery way down appeared to be the easier option rather than staying afloat at the top tier for number of big teams including Ethiopia NegedBak, Ethiopia Medin and Muger never returned once relegated. Medin is struggling in the woods for the past five seasons changing coaches every season but in regular decline. Big spending NegedBank got frustrated after years of poor results and finally disbanded the team considering a good riddance. Both sides were spending millions in the name of social obligation but to the wrong cause for there appeared no accountability in whatever the end result is.
Struggling for survival for five seasons in a row yet the budget increasing in tens of millions every year, critics suggest Electric’s return to the top tier is unlikely at least not in near future. A new official took command and distributing responsibilities that go along good money. But the critiques turned pessimists for they are in fear of past experiences that showed no come back of government institution led clubs. Football fans are waiting cross handed for the return fifty plus year old Ethio-Electric.