Thursday, June 13, 2024

Program ratified to improve logistics


The first National Logistics Strategy to bring the sector up to international standards has been ratified by the council of Ministers.
It has spent three years in the pipeline as it has undergone evaluation.
Eshetie Assfaw, State Minister of Transport, told Capital that it is the first time it has been ratified by the council, even though it has been studied by many different agencies.
The major points mentioned in the strategy is improving the sector to international levels and in an organized manner.
“Previously we have tried to improve in an uncoordinated manner. But this one will include all actors under a single strategy and we will work on making positive change,” Eshetie said.
The strategy that would target improving the logistics scheme, which is considered to be  the major challenge for the sector and economic growth, has several details, according to the information that Capital obtained from the Ethiopian Maritimes Authority.
The international customs clearance that was undertaken separately is one of the major criteria to move the logistics sector in a positive direction. It, along with harmonizing infrastructure services is also being included in the new strategy.  The shipping operation and standard logistics handling and packaging, and automated follow up of cargo transportation are also being considered in the strategy.
The State Minister said they also want to reduce the time it takes to transport cargo.
Experts say that another area slated for improvement is to link relevant sub sectors.
The logistics sector, particularly the import/export stream, is said to be one of the hurdles that slows down the country’s growth. The Ethiopian government has been undertaking several restructuring measures while at the same time expanding and modernizing infrastructure. Despite the efforts, the sector is still in its early stages compared to international practices.
The national logistics strategy document that was developed by Nathan Associates Inc. a US based company, with the

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