Saturday, June 15, 2024

Photographer publishes guide to Ethiopia’s National Parks


Aziz Ahmed, professional wildlife photographer, launched the first journal which features guides to seven national parks in Ethiopia. The photographer has collected footage of wildlife for the past 14 years. The book took three years to make. It has 251 pages and is now available for 500 birr.

The book was inaugurated at the National Theater last Monday in the presence of invited guests, including the Director of the Ethiopian Tourism Organization.
“The reason that I decided to prepare this journal is to raise awareness about our beautiful wildlife, and to keep a record of them,” Aziz told Capital. “I noticed for the past 10 years our parks have been getting damaged. When I travel to the parks I can’t find the wildlife when before it was normal to see them.”
The first edition which is comprised of 1,500 books is on the market with higher print standards and a hard cover. The US Embassy, Ethiopian Wildlife conservation Authority, Garad and Sofi Malt are among the sponsors.

“We are planning to distribute the book to museums and schools with a special program,” he said. There are documentaries made on the parks to be presented to the schools .”
The photographer gave the books to 42 scouts working at the parks. He calls them the backbone of the parks.
“They always gave their life to visitors and their role in my career is irreplaceable,” said Aziz. “They saved my life from imminent danger many times and they deserve to be respected for their commitment.”
“I am planning to prepare the same journal for every national and regional park,” said Aziz.
The book which documented the seven national parks will be available digitally after the 5,000 copies are sold out.

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