Sunday, June 16, 2024

Road to Djibouti Ports to be improved


The Djibouti Ports Corridor Roads (DPCR) has come into effect to improve the road network with the port logistics hub.
DPCR, an entity established in 2017, is in charge of the planning, building, operations and finance of Corridor-roads connecting its port system to the neighboring countries.
This company is jointly owned by Djibouti Ports and Free Zones Authority (DPFZA) 65 percent and Djibouti Road Agency (ADR) with 35 percent. Both shareholders fully owned by Djibouti government.
“To ensure efficient, cost-effective, well serviced and maintained connecting roads it is important to exert a better control on the corridor roads connecting the ports to our neighboring countries,” Aden Douksieh, Project Manager at DPFZA told Capital via email.
Ethiopian transporters have complained about the road quality on the way to Djibouti, but the new company is expected to improve the road safety and efficiently in the country, according to experts.
“Our port system, is globally recognized for their modern and state-of-the-art facilities, and needs to be further strengthened with an efficiently functioning and well-maintained road network,” Aden said.
“It is important to mention that that road is not the core business of DPFZA. The transport is a chain whereby the port is only the interface of the sea and the land transportation (Road/Rail). If one component is broken, it will definitely affect the overall chain,” DPFZA Project Manger added.
The emailed response of DPFZA indicated that the vertical integration of the services is the rationale behind the involvement of the port authority.
“The port services don’t end at the gate of the port but starts from the gate, the road being only a continuity of that service. The overall quality of the service will depend on the enhanced integration of the different components of the chain, most importantly the road,” it added.
DPCR will be in charge of the planning, construction, financing, operating and managing seven road corridors with the total length of 567km.
It added the advantage of the new entity is the creation of fully functioning intermodal transport system, efficiently operating corridor roads system; better management and more transparent logistics cost, and well serviced and maintained roads.

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