Monday, June 17, 2024

Following up the major cases


The Federal First Instance Court 10th Criminal Bench of Lidia Division granted police 14 days of further investigation in the B/G Tena Kurindi et al case last Thursday. The court heard the police’s suspicion of the 26 suspects of human rights violations. The court also heard the defense from the suspects.
Police elaborated and told the court that it has obtained the 70 witnesses. The investigation team leaders discussed the case of the suspects who were detained in Shewarobit Prison via fake claims that they caused a fire in the Killinto Prison. Police stated it suspected them of forcing the prisoners to admit being members of a terrorist origination and casuing the fire. The prosecution went on to say that they were kept in dark rooms, torched, and beaten in addition to many other human rights violations.
Police also accused the suspects, who held posts throughout Ethiopia, of committing several of human rights violations which are described as being beyond human imagination. They also accused the suspects of making femail prisoners walk around naked in public.
The suspects, public attorney, opposed police request for further time rsaying it was not legal. They demanded their bail rights be granted and for police to make their argument more specifically. They stated that they are from different kinds of organizations, federal police, intelligence, Addis Abeba police and the prison administration.
They also deny the human rights violations of the suspects during the Killinto Fire, and they stated that they were very careful in that specific manner as directed by the former Attorney General, Getachew Ambaye.
After hearing both sides, the court granted the further time for investigation, as requested by police.
The Federal First Instance Court, Arada Division granted police 28 days of investigation over the 28 suspects of destruction over property and loss of human life in Burayu town. Police told the court that they have obtained fundamental evidence against the suspects.
They also told the court that they have released some on bail from the 38 individuals arrested in the beginning. The suspects demanded their release on bail and they also opposed their appearance in the federal court as they were also seen in Burayu’s court.
Among the suspects, one told the court that he was taken by police to give his witness on the happening and he also tried to establish his alibis on the occasion. He also accused one of the investigators of offering to award him if he gave his witnesses according to his guidance. He asked the investigator to tell the court what he was going to award him.
Fitsum Yeshitela, entertainment TV host
Police also brought Fitsum Yeshitela to the court asking further time for investigation. Police accused her of embezzling 23,000 USD with her friend from MeTEC. Police attached her claim to be known and supported by the former CEO of the Corporation, M/G Kinfe Dagnew.
Police also demanded further days of investigation on Cherent Dana, accusing him of operating without an agency license and causing damages to the government with his affiliation with MeTEC leaders in purchasing items.

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