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Imperial Hotel owner argues for release

Imperial Hotel owner argues for release

Eleven people, including Ermiyas T. Amelga, have been charged with corruption at the Federal High Court’s Lideta Division Bench under the file of M.G. Kinfe Dagnew. They are being accused of illegally procuring items. Ermiyas is being accused of selling the Imperial Hotel to MetEC at an overvalued price.
As he appeared before the court Ermiyas argued that it was unnecessary for the police to have more time to investigate the case. In fact, he argued, he did not need to be in custody because he voluntarily brought all the documents in question to the police, had been cooperating with investigators for a long time and was banned from leaving the country.
MeTEC paid 75 million birr to Ermiyas for the hotel in two instalments. MeTEC bought the hotel from Access Real Estate two years prior at a cost of 47 million birr from the family of Afaw Tefera.
Prosecutors also charged Ermiyas in another court case. At the 15th criminal bench he was charged along with 10 defendants including Alem Fitsum, owner of Alem Genet Factory for allegedly causing 415.2 million birr in damages to the Public Interest through an irregular contract containing deceitful facts. He is being charged along with six alleged co-conspirators in this count.
On January 14, M.G. Knife and 12 other individuals were charged for corruption in the purchase of two ships that prosecutors think cost the country 548 million birr. In addition B/G Tena Kurendi was charged with allegedly violating human rights.

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