Proud walk to Adwa


The Addis Ababa City Administration held a farewell ceremony for participants in the 6th edition of the Journey to Adwa. They will be part of a team walking to the historic city of Adwa in Tigray to commemorate the legends who defeated the Italian colonizers.
At the event held on January 14 at the Addis Ababa City Administration, Takele Umma Banti, Deputy Mayor told the team that they are today’s Tayitu Bitul, Alula Abanega, Balcha Abanefso and the legends which kept this nation with its dignity. He also mentioned that Adwa is the foundation for our morals and love to the country. He applauded the effect of the victory and said it should set an example for us.
“We Ethiopians won the battle and we the current generation have an easier fight compared to our father’s life sacrifice,” said Takele. “Our fathers won the battle not because they had better arms but because they could agree on the fact that they have one common enemy, and we have to do the same now.”
Dire Dawa City Mayor, Ibrahim Osman Farah, surprised the crowd with his appearance. He thanked the people of Harar for showing their love and support for the team which began its walk from Dire Dawa and Harar.
Departing on December 31 From the Dire, the “Dire Dawa Warriors” joined the “Addis Ababa Warriors” on January 12, 2019.
The city administration also said that there would be a festival representing the victory of Adwa which is going to attract the eyes of the world and give it the pride it deserves.
The group started its official journey on Monday, and it is expected to arrive in Adwa Town on March 2, after completing the 1,000-kilometre walking path from Addis Ababa to Adwa town.