Chamber calls for businesses to work for peace


The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (AACCSA) has called on the business community to help strengthen peaceful coexistence and support reform.
At a press conference the city chamber leaders said that unemployment, income and lack of development are sources of instability but that they can be solved by a major private sector intervention.
“Businesses can create jobs, expand revenue and incomes and contribute to national development,” the chamber president Mesenbet Shenkute said.
“Job creation and a stable economy are some of the pillars for peaceful coexistence,” the chamber leader added.
The leaders vowed to continue working on development and called on business owners to work towards peace.
They announced plans to work cooperatively for peace and prosperity.
“The chamber called on the business community to work on reform taking place in Ethiopia,” the chamber leader said.
Recently, instability was observed in west Wellega, Afar region, Dire Dawa and Somali region.
The chamber said that business is one of the major victims when instability occurs and that this hinders them from creating jobs.