Saturday, September 30, 2023


It seems the global status quo has become quite adept in the handling of spectacular disconnects than ever before. These fantastic disconnects are not always the old temporal phenomenon. For instance, the current theatrics taking place in South America is certainly not a case of paradigm shift, however dramatic. In fact, such happenstances in Latin America were quite frequent in centuries passed. Be that as it may, the prevailing unabashed chutzpah of the powerful, unleashed on Venezuela, is without a doubt, a blatant undermining of International laws! Mr. Trump, the president of the hegemon, (USA) has now declared a new president for the Venezuelan people! His allies or what many call the vassal states, have also endorsed, willy-nilly, his pronouncement, with the significant exception of Italy! Don’t forget Italy now has a coalition government comprised of ‘populist parties.’ This example on its own, illustrates the increased negation of establishment narratives in our world system. See the articles next column, on page 41 & 44. Disconnecting narratives taking place in Europe/USA are rather new and promise transformational potential. The political, economic, cultural, religious, etc. spheres, as established by the status quo, are being questioned by the sheeple (human mass) whose existential reality in the twilight of the modern world system is becoming increasingly arduous, even tenuous. The large majority of the sheeple in the core countries (over two thirds) doesn’t feel traditional political parties represent its long- term interests. As a result, it is actively seeking for comprehensive alternatives; politically, economically, culturally, etc.! On the political economy front, we have troubles brewing in the core countries of the system. Brexit, Trumpism, Yellow Vests, Indiganos, Syriza, Podemos, AfD, Lega Nord, Five Star, etc. are various reactions to the oppression of the prevailing world order. Almost all these movements represent first stage refusals, so to speak. At the same time, the elites remain delusional about the rising tides gathering force within the collective plebs! For example, the pretentiously opulent annual jamboree in the little alpine town of Switzerland is an epitome of this insolent hubris of the reigning global oligarchs and their operatives–the politicos. One cannot help but recall Somerset Maugham’s remark about Monaco during the similar but bygone era of the ‘Gilded Age.’ Monaco, he said; ‘is a sunny place for shady people.’ Mirroring the novelist’s characterization we can also say ‘Davos is a cool place for hot money’! If truth be told, the World Economic Forum (the Davos gathering) which has been going on since 1971, is the fruit of the regime of fictitious money. Value was literally unhinged from productive work after 1971, the year the Bretton Woods Agreement collapsed, i.e., the unilateral abrogation of dollar-gold convertibility by the US government (Nixon). By extension, all currencies that were once tied to gold were also let loose. After the abandonment of the ‘Bretton Woods Agreement’ fiat money established itself as the final arbiter of all productive economic engagements, globally! Consequently, whoever is/was close to the spigot of fake/phony money, became rich, while the working stiff, including oldfashioned entrepreneurs, lost out big time. The existing fiat currency regime facilitated by the narrative of Wall Street wheelers and dealers continues to distort the global economy and ravage the natural environment. Today the world wallows in the parasitic financialized world, from which criminal accumulation springs eternal! Since the trillions of phony money created from thin air needed plenty of investment outlets, the ideology of neoliberalsm had to be established rather promptly all over the world. Unencumbered access to resources and markets was a major requirement to profitably park all the fictitious money. Policies that espoused privatization, liberalization, deregulation, etc., soon became the rigid conditionalities of the BW and other institutions of dominant interests. In short, the euphoric globalization of empire was up and running, in earnest, after 1971. But this game was never fair to the majority of the global sheeple! In fact, it is this polarizing globalization that is now summoned to the street courts of the sheeple, mostly in the rich countries. Where are our jobs? Why is the middle class disappearing? Why is the 1% taking almost all (over 80%) of the income in OECD? The sheeple of the west is clamoring. In the case of the Global South, various grievances caused by polarizing globalization are also manifested, mostly as increased instability and failing/failed states. Clearly, neoliberalism is being rejected by the sheeple, both in the North and in the Global South. At the same time the ruling entities of the world system, along with their imbeciles in the South, still want to hold on to this unfair regime by hook or a crook. Something has to yield! The dead end narrative of trickle down economics as promoted by the establishment; BW, WTO, EU, etc. has finally reached an impasse. Old revolutionaries strategically analyze pregnant situations by utilizing the notions of ‘objective and subjective conditions’. What this boils down to is this: the sheeple on the ground is ready and willing to change things, i.e., look for drastic alternatives. This is called the objective condition. At the same time, agency/leadership might not be available or unwilling to take charge in the pursuit of desired objectives. In this latter situation the subjective condition is said to be lacking. If things do not synchronize soon, there will be an earth shattering rapture or a bifurcation. Subsequently, new leadership might well rise from the ashes, like the old phoenix. There is a lesson to be learned here, particularly to those of us in Africa. Beware; the gap between what revolutionaries call ‘objective and subjective conditions’ is increasing with unforeseen consequences. We all need to heed the fury of the sheeple, whether it is coming from the North or the South. “We have guillotined many for far less” Les Gilets Jaunes. Good Day!





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