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In decades past, the anchoring political ideologies in the West mainly rested on the amorphous yet dichotomously charged categories of left and right. To be sure, extreme parties of either never really usurped full state power in the nation-states of the West, at least not after WWII. It was usually center left or center rights political parties that worked the administrative organs/governments of the state in a revolving manner. Currently, the traditional polar positions of opposite parties seem to have come together on certain concrete issues. This doesn’t mean political ideologies are fusing together, far from it. But there are indications that agreements can be reached on certain critical matters, thereby forging temporary alliance between formerly and formally polarized political positions!
War is something many a sheeple (human mass) would consider an abomination, yet the war industry not only thrives, but also instigates wars so that continued profit can accrue to its associated elites. The deep state is setup to dominate others and make good with their resources. Wars of all kinds; cultural, economic/financial, educational, propaganda, etc. are employed to this end! Recall our definition of the deep state: It is the military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media-complex. The killings of innocent lives and the destruction of properties, to say nothing about the onslaught on our fragile ecosphere, are considered mere ‘collateral damages’, to use the sickening phraseology of the deep state. It is also because of the doings of the deep state, migration is becoming a major point of contention, even amongst the constituent members of empire. It is such practical matters that are bringing the traditionally polarized parties together. It seems ‘Common Sense’ is finally making a comeback. For instance, the European sheeple has started to vigorously reject the old political parties, which have always been under the thumb of the deep state. Refugees on the shores of the belligerents, ‘Yellow Vests’ on the streets of European metropolis, all have one thing in common-the utter dissatisfaction of the global status quo or what the late Samir Amin insisted on calling ‘polarizing globalization! In this regard, the so-called rightist deputy prime minister of Italy, Mr. Salvini has interesting views; he says it is the French in collaboration with NATO that destabilized MENA (Middle East and North Africa). The French he insisted still continues to colonialize countries in Africa, creating the mass exodus of people to Europe. In Italy and on this particular point, both the left leaning (Five Star Movement) and the rightist (Lega Nord) seem to be in agreement. They also refused to support the US and vassals in their project of ‘regime change’ in Venezuela!
Banking/finance is another of the component of the deep state. In late modernity finance has become, instead of an intermediary, an end on its own! In such a financialized world it is only those that are closely connected to the money spigot who benefit, rather disproportionately, from all activities, not only economic/business. Those not within the inner loop of the deep state, including the sheeple, are considered non-essentials, hence, their needs are relegated to the back burner, so to speak. But such neglects have now created consequences that are threatening to derail the groovy train of the one percenters. Since the unfettered access to all spheres of societal existence has given the market the upper hand, the ideology of ‘Common Sense’ was ostracized and visibly demoted. In a nutshell, neo-liberalization is a diktat that every thing under the sun must obey the logic of profit via commodification. To the disciples of neoliberalism, it doesn’t matter whether life is preserved or not, so long as accumulation remains paramount! The result: extreme polarization, both between and within countries, as well as catastrophe in the world of natural! Forty years of ‘waiting for goodies’, as promised by neo-liberalization, has proved untenable (comparatively speaking.) The 1% have made good on their exploits, while the rest are losing grounds on a daily basis. As we never tire of mentioning, the main culprits of this globally lopsided economic arrangement are; ‘fiat currency’ and ‘fractional reserve banking’! Here again, Mr. Salvini is spot on in regards to the ownership of the Italian gold. See the articles on page 44.
The current government in Italy is a coalition of the right and left, and yet they seem to work together on critical issues. In fact, they are spreading the words to their contemporaries in places like France and Belgium. The duos encourage the ‘Yellow Vests’ (France, Belgium, Netherlands, etc.) to take charge and change their respective governments. ‘Direct democracy is the future,’ is what they are explicitly saying to the European sheeple. See Studdert’s article next column. The old ways of doing politics by proxy proved not only inefficient, but actually became the main source of structural/political corruption within the nation-states! The reigning plutocracy is facing ‘Common Sense’ from diverse segments of society. The deep states’ wars of Syria, Libya, Yemen, etc., have impacted humanity’s conscience and is reinforcing the belief that psychopaths are not fit to run nations! In conclusion, the opposite ends of the political spectrum seem to have come together. The polar ends are joining and are forming a kind of circle, albeit on specific agenda items. Defying the simplistic categorization of left and right, might well be the world’s political future!
Here is the old language of Common Sense as it becomes relevant again. “Countries want independence, nations want liberation and people want revolution.” Chinese Communists. Good Day!





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