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Why limited service hotel?

Hotels can actually break down into three main categories: full-service hotels, select-service hotels and limited-service hotels.

Basically, limited service is stripped down, basics needs of accommodation where guests go in there mainly looking for a safe, convenient place to rest and not expecting much in terms of amenities or extra services. According to the report “U.S. Hotel Pipeline report from STR.”, limited service hotels accounts to 89% of the under construction hotels, this
organization analyze the limited service hotel which under operation, and as for full service which rated lower than 4-stars ,the number even rarer, cause these hotels with conference
center, and other public areas that cost a lot of manpower and materials which makes starting a hotel very difficult and do no good to customers. That’s why IVY Hotel brings the concept limited service to Africa.

The advantage of this kind of hotel is that customers can enjoy good sleep within a limited budget and meet their core needs at the highest cost-effective rate.

IVY hotel belongs to China SUNMEI group, the fifth largest hotel group in China. It not only ranks the 12th in the world scale but also has a mature system and rich experience in in chain operation, operation and management, Internet technology, and big consumption data.

In 2018, Sunmei group joint with African manufacture industry tycoon, established the brand IVY and takes IVY as the pioneer to launch the development strategy of African hotel market, aiming to give full play to its advantages to build a hotel brand with more investment value and consumption value, expand the road of wealth and the quality of value chain, and help create a better life.

As investment is primarily concerned with starting cost, Ivy Hotel’s plan is feasible and reasonable to the cost of starting a limited service hotel within this kind of dynamic
and promising setup.

By removing the functions of the banquet hall, multiple restaurants, and other peripheral functions, resources can be more focused on providing customers with clean, hygienic, bedding and other aspects of real concern to guests. And to hotel, reducing peripheral functions is to reduce the cost of operation, manpower and maintenance.

Taking into account the operating costs of the three major hotel categories, additional costs have been reduced due to limited service hotels. The room rate is usually the lowest in a limited service hotel.

Limited-service hotels save money for guests, but full-service hotels usually require larger and more luxurious facilities. The high cost is also very disadvantageous for hotel investors.

Limited-service hotels are more affordable than five-star hotels, but cleaner and more stable than single hotels on the market.
Compared with single hotels, Limited-service hotels will also become the preferred choice for users.

This model has achieved tremendous success in Western countries, and will certainly succeed in the rapidly developing African Hotel industry.

Based on the current situations and opportunities of African markets, the rich and unique tourism resources and the increasingly stable political situation, Africa’s tourism has a strong momentum and unlimited potential. Along with the booming tourism industry, the hotel industry has benefited the most. But this is accompanied by the severe supply and demand imbalance in the hotel industry. The international high-end hotel brand with a
keen sense of smell takes the lead, but objectively speaking, this makes the African hotel industry fall into the “abnormal” form on the whole — severe polarization, low number of high-star hotels, high price, disordered small hotels, unguaranteed products and services, unable to meet the public demand.

The African hotel market is desperate need of industry leadership and demonstration. As the definition of limited service hotels, IVY has solved these problems very well.

Infinite market data prove that what customers need is the most accepted by the market. We adhere to the inherent hotel experience thinking, and those who are not accepted by the market will eventually be eliminated by market filtering.

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