A picture inspires compassion


A fundraising organized by photographer Martha Tadesse was held at Fendika Night Club for a couple whose picture went viral on social media. The couples, in their early 20s, Sefrash and Marishet, lives with Marishet’s family in a small room which his father built for them hoping that they can turn it into a shop one day. The event helped raise 27,000 birr for the couple.
The young photographer and humanitarian, Martha, took the picture on her trip to the Maksegnit area in Amhara Regional State. The couple just had a baby but had no consistent income.
“The skeleton of the shop is up, but they needed some assistance to finish it,” said the young photographer who tells stories with her camera. “As their picture goes viral and people become connected to the #SifrashStory My friends and I brought this idea to contribute what we could. Residents of the Maksegnit in Gonder travel to the nearest town to buy things so the shop will also be good news for them.”
During the fundraising event, which cost 150 birr for entrance, rising artist Yohanna performed and dialogues about the journey and photography transpired. When it was finished, Martha went to the place and shopped for the items they needed to begin the shop.
“Edilawit shop is running! The shop is named after their beautiful daughter, Edilawit,” said Martha. “We made it happen, didn’t we, and thanks so much” Martha said.