Corteva Agriscience enters Ethiopia

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

Corteva Agriscience, a company built on the foundation of more than 200 years of combined experience from US companies like Dow Agro Science, Du Pont Crop Protection, Pioneer Hybrid and PANNAR enters Ethiopia to work on improving agricultural productivity.
The company is believed to bring to increased agricultural output for the benefit of both producers and consumers as it is innovative and holds deep expertise.
According to the data from Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture, 79 percent of the country’s population is employed in the agricultural sector, and improving productivity is a key to unleashing the economic potential of Ethiopia’s rural population.
Previously Corteva was involved in Ethiopia through the ongoing US government investment in the company known as Dow DuPont Pioneer in first phase of feed the future agricultural capacity partnerships program for five years.
With the improved hybrid maize seeds of the company, Ethiopian farmers were able to harvest 42 quintals of maize which tripled their average production and annual income.
Corteva’s launch in Ethiopia offers tremendous opportunities to build upon the US Government’s ongoing investments in Ethiopia’s agricultural capacity” said Michel Raynor, US Ambassador to Ethiopia during the launching ceremony.
According the data from the ministry of Agriculture, maize is grown by over eight million Ethiopian farmers which is one of the most important cereals interns of production.
“Engagement from companies like corteva will create opportunities for private sector and create job and increase agricultural output which ensures food security by supporting many Ethiopians on their path to self-reliance, Raynor adds.
The company is working across the global agriculture value chain to create a more efficient food system and believed to plays an impactful role in Ethiopia’s broader society as well, by encouraging sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
“Corteva presence is kinds of win-win commercial activity that benefit both our countries by bringing meaningful job creation; respectful and responsible labor practices; strong training and skills-development programs; technology transfer; and sound environmental practices to bear”. said Raynor.
Previously, the company constructed a 2500sqm modern seed processing and storage plant near Addis Ababa in 2014.
As Ethiopia’s youth accounts for over two –third of its population and pressures for job creation and economic opportunities U.S companies like Corteva understand that they only succeed when their host communities succeed as well.”
Corteva Agriscience is the company agriculture arms brought together from Dow and DuPont when they merged after Dow, DuPont split into three companies, one focused on basic materials, one on finished products, and one on agriculture, according to their website.