Eregnaw Hakim

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

A new book entitled ‘Eregnaw Hakim’ by Professor Mitiku Belachew was released on Saturday April 27. The book which is translated from the original French version focuses on the life history of the professor who managed to become a world renowned Doctor from being a shepherd in small village. Born in Wenchi western Shewa he grew up as a herder and worked on his family farm till he was 12 years old.
Known around the world as ‘Lord of the Ring’, for inventing laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding to treat morbid obesity, the professor and surgeon has lived a life that inspires to rise above their circumstances. Born into a family of 9 in a rural area where there were no schools, he tended to cows and goats from the time he was a small child. Then, when he turned 12 he heard about a school far away. He went there and made the most of the opportunity, graduating just 7 years later. This initiative and drive became a trademark of his life as he learned French to study at a Belgium university when there was not a medical school here and invented a way to save the lives of those who were grossly overweight. Whenever there was an obstacle he overcame it. Now he has brought tools and experience with him to Ethiopia where he is working to train the next generation and inspire others to say no to limitations and use their talents to enrich the lives of others. His inspiring story was published as a book.
“It is an autobiography. I wrote it two years ago. It mainly focuses on how I went from being a herder in very small rural city to a surgical doctor travelling all over the world. It’s written in French but now it’s translated to Amharic. It’s a popular book with French speaking people” Mitiku said. “It is now being translated into English too. I hope it will reach more people and inspire and motivate them” he added.