Dedebit hits bottom, Sehul leaves semi final


Bottom of the table Dedebit FC is coming and going as it likes, and new comers Sehul-Shere are walking out of the Ethiopian Knock-out cup semi final stage. This shows that things are fast getting out of the Ethiopian Football governing body’s hands.
Dedebit gave away a forfeit to Wolayta, then again preparing for the home clash against visitors Baherdar Town. When Dedebit claims bankruptcy, the least the federation should do was to look at raising finance to help Dedebit keep afloat. It was up to the federation to make sure at the time of registration that every single club is financially sound. No one knows what it means.
The same goes to Shere. They announced they were walking out of the Knock-out Cup final semi final due to financial constraints. It is laughable knowing the two sides were the highest spenders on foreign players just two months earlier. But still the federation should have some solution in order to respect the efforts of the other 14 participants.
It requires a single knock-out match for Ethiopia Coffee to reach the semi final and if goes through to the final and wins the trophy, it means an international fixture next season. This is a crackling joke and yet a typical example for EFF’s inefficiency.
For any foreigner who follows football, the double incident is sure to be a bizarre situation hard to understand. But for Ethiopians it has become a standard procedure recently and has been unsurprising especially to the football federation. Rather serving a one hundred and fifty thousand birr fine to a side that is already strapped to the neck financially.