Sunday, June 16, 2024

Misuse threatens sewer system


The Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority disclosed that one of the waste treatment plants at Kality is under stress from improper use and illegal activities.
The Kality liquid waste disposal site which has a capacity of refining 100,000 cubic meters a day is currently under pressure. They are working at 40 percent of capacity due to illegally connected sewer lines coming from individuals and businesses attempting to dispose of their solid waste and burned oil. This is negatively affecting plants being introduced to refine oil by using biological technology called Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR), a containerized system that refines waste electromagnetically.
“We have been taking action to stop this, however, the problem persists we need more help,” Tesfalem Bayu, Vice General Manager of the Authority said.
The system is well advanced and 100 percent effective in purifying, making the end product free from bacteria, and ready for reuse. It also doesn’t stink and can be used for irrigation.
The awareness of the public has also hindered the process by connecting rain water to the lines which create over flow in the site.
“The authority is concerned that the site may encounter more damage as the rainy season comes unless a collective effort is made, he adds.
The Authority has started to check over 250 km of previously constructed lines built through help by the World Bank.
The Kality liquid waste treatment project was made by Canadian, Belgian and Greece contractors to serve over 1 .5 million inhabitants in the city’s sewerage disposal coverage.
The World Bank supports modernizing the city’s sewage system with 100 million USD.
According to some studies, the capital Addis Ababa generates an estimated annual volume of 49Mm3 in total wastewater from which about 4Mm3 is industrial wastewater Addis Ababa Water & Sewerage Authority (AWSSA) is constructing liquid waste treatment plants at Koye Fectche Condominium site. It is 33 thousand cubic meters.
Presently, the Authority has constructed liquid waste disposal sites at 12 condominium sites which have a capacity of treating 27 thousand metric cubes a day.

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