Super League group “A” promotion race on fire


Two super League group “A” teams from Oromia are battling neck to neck to win Ethiopian Premier League promotion at the end of season. Sebeta Town leads the table a point clear of runner-up Legetafo Town while Ethio-Electric slips behind to watch the scenario.
Unbeaten side Sebeta Town threw away the four points lead after unexpected goal less away draw against Akaki-Kality. Famous for its strike force as well impenetrable defense line, Sebeta was expected to sustain the three points lead against humble side Akaki. But thanks to the vociferous support behind and the players determination Akaki managed a goal less home draw thus the promotion race once again on fire.
On the other hand, 9th place Wello-Kombolcha held till last but Dawit Kelemork’s final winning goal in the final minutes, gave Legetafo Town an important three points to close the gap to a single point. Following the win, Legetafo once again got the chance to stay close in the promotion race. Coach Kifle Boltena is promotion favorite for the big clash of the two will take place in Sebeta Town.
Eshetu Getahun’s second half goal short circuited Ethio-Electric’s dream to return to the Premier League after one season at Super League. 5th Gelan Town’s 1-0 home defeat meant a knocking blow to pin down Ethio-Electric to third place but nine points behind from top spot.
Bottom of the table yet trumpeting second round revival Amhara Water Works Construction (AWWC) defeated Woldya Town 2-0. AWWC’s huge effort is about taking over the two teams above; Burayu (16) and Axum (19) and things appear feasible considering its current form.