No promotion for Ethio-Electric


The former two time champion, Ethio-Electric’s dream of returning to Ethiopian football’s upper-tier has become a nightmare following the unexpected 2-1 away defeat to Dessie Town. Many wonder if the team is making a real effort to return to the Premier League. “I wonder how the likes of Sebeta and Legetafo, teams with smaller resources than Ethio-Electric are dictating the league,” suggested a former player who experienced good old times with the club.
It was only a win that could have helped Electric stay in promotion contention. But three defeats in the past five consecutive matches, including to Dessie Town at home turned out too much to handle for the visitors thus their dream of a return trip to the Premier League is doomed despite three remaining fixtures.
Electric even pushed off the third spot going down one step to stay fourth with 29 points that is twelve points far from league leaders and promotion hot favorites Sebeta Town. In good form Dessie Town takes the third spot with 30 points from 18 matches thus their promotion contention at list mathematically alive although dependent of others.
With a hard to penetrate defensive line that concedes only ten goals and the only side to avoid defeat so far in the season, four points clear Sebeta’s most important match is against strong contender Legetafo Town next week end. A win or a draw is enough for the side based in its name sake town Sebeta only 25 KM from the capital. Burayu Town and Amhara Water Works are in relegation zone each having 16 points.