Saturday, April 13, 2024

Selected TOTAL depots to serve as GER registration centers


The official registration of the 2019 TOTAL Great Ethiopian run will be open on 10 June 2019. The 19th edition of Great Ethiopian Run will be hosted on 17 November with the total number of mass participants being 45,000 increasing the record number of participants by 1,000.
On the occasion, the Great Ethiopian Run has signed a three years MoU with Tourism Ethiopia, as the Great Ethiopian Run for the past 18 years works to build the country’s image and also known as a great platform to develop sport tourism. Great Ethiopian Run in its past years is known for participating a range from 200 to 500 foreign participants each year from different parts of the world.
Unlike the previous years, registration this time around will be held at selected TOTAL station’s Bonjore cafes. The 8 selected stations are located around Lam Beret, Bole road; Nifasilk; Temenja Yaze; Mexico; Sebategna; Arat kilo and around Minilik monument with full day service including lunch time and Saturday. In addition, there will be a temporary station at the Great Ethiopian Run office. For those who are not able to reach the registration stations an online registration through the GER website is facilitated, they can deposite their payment through one of the four banks (Enat Bank; Awash Bank; Zemen bank & CBE) once they finish their online registration.
The 2019 TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run in addition to the title sponsor Ethiopian airlines; Malta Guinness; Actionaid; Indomeni; HP; Tourism Ethiopia; Arki Water and from the media EBC; DSTV; FBC; Capital Newspaper and Hyatt Regency Hotel as an official Hotel Partner. This year HP and Actionaid joined the partnership for the first time.

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