Dereje Belay pipes Wolkite to Premier League


Ethiopia Medin’s season long campaign of Premier League promotion came to an end following the 2-1 away defeat to home side Dilla Town last Sunday. Four points and five goals clear of the top table Wolkite Town is already more than half way in to promotion despite two fixtures to go.
Though the two sides face each other on the final week end of the league next Sunday, Wolkite could wrap up things today in an away match against humble side Negele Town. A draw is more than enough for the former Defense Force and Ethiopian national team defender turned Coach Dereje Belay to share a place in Ethiopian Football history book as the second Coach to help promote three Super League sides next to Mekonen W/ Yohannes.
Fourteen wins, three draws and three defeats Wolkite is in control of the Super League group (B) table with 45 points and five goals thus as good as declaring champion of the group and securing a place at next year top tier. Sacked from Medin mid-season last year, it appears the right time for a cold revenge for Dereje who previously led Sebeta Town and Jimma AbuBuna in to the Premier League. “We are going to finish business against Negele today then ready for a historic win in front of our home supporters against Medin in the group closing match next Sunday” a senior committee member remarked.
What is remarkable about the promotion is Medin’s failure despite commanding a superior annual budget nearly triple of that of Wolkite.