Ethiopia Bunna takes tough stance against EFF


Ethiopian Football Federation’s face saving effort to resume the suspended league season failed to come true as Ethiopia Bunna rejected the move to play against visitors Mekele SebaEnderta behind closed doors. Back from Paris following a working visit along with his vice Colonel Awol Abdurakim and the General Secretary participating in FIFA annual congress, Essayas Jirra’s led cabinet faced the most bizarre situation in its three year tenure.
Following a four hour discussion with Ethiopia Bunna board and Supporters’ Association representatives at Capital Hotel, Issayas Jirra appeared in public announcing that he reached an agreement to resume the suspended match between hosts Ethiopia Bunna and visitors Mekele Town on Friday under a closed gate. “It all started at Mekele stadium and the match official denying the presence of a life size banner that condemns visitors Ethiopia Bunna. And I would like to apologize for what happened three months ago,” EFF President Essayas announced.
Despite showing a bravado effort to turn the long in-brewing storm in a face saving performance, Ethiopia Bunna with number of Premier League sides behind in huge support stood ground rejecting the decision to play in an empty stadium. “Why Ethiopia Bunna would face a harsh tribute despite committing no wrong doing,” alive and in a vigorous mood to lead war against the federation Board Chair Person Lieutenant Fekade Mamo told reporters earlier.
Immersed in a very critical situation the Federation is now swaying here and there seemingly looking for government interference to settle the matter. CAF has also demanded list of teams that will take part in next year Champions League and Confederation Cup participants earlier than 30th June therefore completion of the season by all means the only option.
In its latest announcement the much talked about Ethiopia Bunna versus Mekele Town showdown in Addis Ababa takes place on Tuesday.