Will Addis Ababa teams go their separate ways?


Government institution sponsored teams getting frustrated for failing to compete on equal footing against regional clubs and visiting regional teams are becoming a theatre of harassments. Now, Addis Ababa clubs are said to be plotting to walk out of the Ethiopian Premier League at the end of the current season; considered by many the worst of all times. The Addis Ababa Football federation has 22 teams under its jurisdiction.
The recent development surrounding the sport has become so frustrating that twenty-two football clubs from the Capital are rumored to force the federation for a major platform change of the competition. Showing a strong solidarity behind popular side Ethiopia Coffee, many of the clubs from the Capital are said to be fed up with maltreatment from Ethiopian Football Federation currently led by former Jimma AbaJifar President turned EFF President Issayas Jirra and former Dedebit President currently EFF Vice Colonel Awol Aburakim. According to unconfirmed sources forming a new league format is the hot issue among Addis Ababa clubs that have number of grievances on how the governing body is running the show. Therefore Addis Ababa is said in support of the demand for a change at least until the current ethnic based turmoil ends. “Half of the annual budget is properly spent directly to the sport. The rest goes for unnecessary logistical expenses, per diems and unaccounted expenditures. Therefore it is time to check the situation,” a seasoned football fan suggested. “Sport for ones’ country is meant a tool for peace, love and stability. But these days in Ethiopian context it is totally different therefore we need some time to come to our senses,” he added.
Represented by more than seven teams at the start of the new format, Ethiopia Coffee, Saint George and Mekelakya (only three out of sixteen clubs) are surviving at the Premier League while the likes of Ethio-Electric, Ethiopia Medin are struggling with the almost impossible undertaking of promotion from Super League. Ethiopia NegedBank and Nyala are teams that got lost in the past few years. Many believe it is the result of the new format that turned everything in to a political arena.
With all that in mind Addis Ababa Football Federation appeared to come in to its sense taking a major step in backing popular side Ethiopia Coffee in its firm stand never to play behind closed gates in the match against visitors Mekele Town. Though peace brokers are busy for a face saving settlement for the federation, the damage has already done with Addis Ababa teams forging a strong solidarity that could rock the federation from the foundation.