Kifle Boltena led Sebeta Town to top tier


Sebeta Town returned to Ethiopian Premier League following the away draw with promotion contender home side Legetafo Town. “We started the season late but thanks to the support from the club’s administration and amazing motivation from the players, we managed a swift passage back to the top tier” coach Kifle Boltena told reporters after the tense away draw.
Scoring the highest number of goals (31), conceding the lowest (11), a record five clean sheet, never conceding more than a single goal and five away victories including the 4-0 demolition of Wello-Kombolcha, Sebeta promoted in sheer style without a single defeat all through the season. It is impossible to penetrate Sebeta’s solid defense line and hard to stop their counter attack. Kifle’s game plan is splitting a point in away matches while a win by all means at home. That is the secret for Sebeta’s successful season” Ethio-Electric former coach disclosed. “I believe he has learned a lot from past experiences” added the coach.
Twelve wins and nine draws, Sebeta run away with the promotion spot despite having a game in hand against 6th placed visitors Woldya Town. Strong promotion contender Legetafo already four points behind, the group stage closing fixtures takes place on Sunday where the home side is expected a red carpet reception by a grateful home supporters. “Sebeta’s fans are known for their famous home support and we are ready to win the group’s season closing fixture in front of them” remarked one of the players.