Tablets to fight cholera


In relation with the outbreak of cholera in different parts of the country the Aquatabs water treatment supplier in the country, Citrus International Trading plc, donates tablets that will treat 20 million liters of water on household level.
The company that introduces and imports the tablets for the past about 12 years provided similar support in the past.
On the Water and Energy Week that was held at the Ethiopian Skylight Hotel this week, Citrus Managing Director, Menassie Kifle, handed over the one million treatment tablets for Negash Wagesho, State Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity (MoWIE).
On the occasion Menassie said that the Aquatabs tablet is given to the ministry to be distributed in affected areas in different parts of the country.
The government stated that cholera has been observed in Amhara, Tigrai, Oromia,Somali regions, and some parts of Addis Ababa.
Aquatabs is produced by Medentech, a company based in Ireland and engaged in various sectors including the water treatment and medical equipment.
The product, which was officially launched by Citrus in 2008 for the Ethiopian market, has been popular for the past four decades around the world.
Last year Citrus also donated 1.5 million tablets that will treat 30 million liters of water for displaced community in Oromia and Somali regions.
The company widely supply the treatment tablets for government offices, international and local donors, who supply the product for the community who live in different areas.
“We provide this support on the aim to play our share and encourage others to support the community who are affected by the outbreak,” Menassie told Capital. He appreciated the government support to access the hard currency to import the badly needed tablet.
A single Aquatabs tablets can treat 20 liters of water.