Kassaye Arage’s appointment rumored to be fake story


The news that Kassaye Arage is to return home to take over as coach of Ethiopia Coffee is rumored to be a fake story to divert the club’s die hard supporters’ intention of stirring a major reform in the club. Significant number of these supporters are said to be organizing a strong opposition to call for a new Board that could help the side to embrace the next phase.
Most club supporters are in strong support of their former legendary midfielder Kassaye Arage’s appointment for the new season. But insiders claim that there is no love lost between Board Chairman Fekade Mamo and Kassaye Arage therefore Kassaye’s appointment out of question. “I believe the current situation about Ethiopian football is hardly an enticing job to Kassaye and no one could come up with good reason to convince him to be back to Ethiopia Coffee” suggested one source.
According to those that claim to know the Patriarch, chain of command is what comes first in his dictionary whereas Kassaye, a rebel at heart, always looking for an extra freedom to express himself. “I know he was not fond of Kassaye when he appointed a Coach for a short spell” remarked former Ethiopia Coffee’s Executive. “There is no room for change in Coffee as far as Fekade is in command of the ship” he added.
Back in to his throne firmly following his successful stand-off against the federation, sources suggested that Lieutenant Fekade popularly known “Chento” needs no excuse to say no to Kassaye’s appointment. “Believe me Kassaye will never set foot as long as the Patriarch is there,” one source suggested.
“Chento has done a tremendous job to bring Ethiopia Coffee to the map of Ethiopian Football. But time has run out for him therefore it is time to elevate him to lifetime Honorable President and look for someone with a dream and energy.”