Over 54,000 city government workers take part in BPR evaluation


The Addis Ababa City Public Service and Human Resource Development Bureau is evaluating 56 government institutions. So far they have assessed 54,000 employees and have assigned them to jobs based on merit.
Business Process Reengineering (BPR) will be the basis for assigning 36,000 additional workers over the next two weeks based on educational background, work experience and performance.
In the next round of the evaluation around 30,000 staff for medical service providers at hospitals, health stations and schools will be evaluated under the BPR.
Prior to the evaluation, the workers filled out a form and chose three positions they believed matched their skills. The bureau would try to give them their first choice but if that is not a possibility, they will be assigned to another role which is going to be determined by a technical committee formed by the government.
The BPR is based on Scientific Management, Systems Theory and Operations Management.
Melkau Temesgen Human Resource Inspection Director at the bureau told Capital that the new BPR is expected to enhance the efficiency of services in the city.
“BPR is not a onetime exercise, but is a continuous one. The requirement and feasibility of a business process reengineering, at present, exists for two reasons – one, the expectations of the stakeholders are rising day by day and secondly the changing technological environment permits the process improvements due to new inventions. Due to these changes, BPR is increasingly being seen as the answer to the challenges that the organizations, especially in service sector, face in delivering services more effectively and efficiently.”
“Though some improvement has been gained in enhancing service quality, there is still a mismatch between work and education quality. This is a challenge for us. So we applied BPR to solve it and streamline services.”
Capital asked Melkau what will happen to 13,000 project workers who are mostly engaged in engineering.
“It is still not decided but what I can tell you is that if the project contact workers are needed by the new re organized office they will continue their work and their fate will be decided by the respective institution who chooses which project work is most needed.’’
Around 16 years ago when Arkebe Oqubay was the mayor of the city BBR was implemented in Addis.