Saturday, July 13, 2024

Those pending relocation await compensation info


The Addis Ababa City Administration has not prepared lands for homes and a planned compensation fee for the people who will be relocated by the 29 billion birr Beautifying Sheger Project.
The administration has listed both kebele and private houses that will be demolished for the project but it has not given any direction so far to the respective sub city as to how much money will be paid for the houses and which condos, kebele houses and lands are ready for the people that will be relocated.
According to a source from the Administration finding houses for the relocated people may take a year.
The project which will touch the nearby river houses of Yeka, Gullele, Arada, Kirkos, Nifas Silk and Akakki sub cities should give a house or land to the relocated people.
In the current working procedure those who have a private house will get at least a minimum of 643,000 birr for compensation and land to build the house.
Those who live in kebele or housing agency houses will get a condo if they can afford to pay the 20 percent down payment or can choose to rent kebele or condo houses.
A source said “things are not going as we expected. The government plans to start the project by next year but no real evacuation process has begun nor has demolishing the houses that are in the radius of the project. We don’t know the prepared land or homes for these people.”
The sources added that the administration has not yet decided the floor compensation rate price for the planned to be demolished private houses.
“It is still unknown how much money will be paid to those who have their houses demolished,” a source said.
The Beautifying Sheger Project is a three-year initiative of the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The project will run along the rivers of Addis Ababa, developing green spaces starting from Entoto to Akaki.
Of the total 56 km that the project covers, the Chinese government has pledged to develop 12kms.
The main aim of the project is to elevate the city to a site of urban tourism leveraging on rehabilitation of the aforementioned water bodies. To enhance the well-being of city dwellers by putting river flooding in check and creating public spaces, parks, bicycle paths and walkways along the river banks. It also strives to enable the aspiration of a green economy by expanding green spaces and creating related services economies.
To get money for the project PM Abiy Ahmed, hosted a dinner program last May in the National Palace in which one plate was served for 5 million birr. Over 257 businesses and notable persons participated.

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