Saturday, April 13, 2024

Kalusha leaves Coffee, 3 out at St. George


With the chaotic 2019 Ethiopian Premier League season coming to end, clubs are sending foreign footballers back home following their contract termination. Ethiopia Coffee saw-off its highest paid but do-little Ghanaian midfielder Alhasan Kalusha while Saint George booted out three of its five foreign players.
Alhasan Kalusha considered a one man strike force for Ethio-Electric moved to Ethiopia Coffee for 1.2 million birr following Electric’s relegation. Kalusha, who was a superhero for Electric, became the highest paid foreign player of Ethiopia Coffee and was expected to perform a miracle. Let alone a miracle the Ghanaian failed to win a regular place finishing the season with just three goals. Finishing 7th almost twenty points behind the top table, Ethiopia Coffee is will need to signing new players for the coming season.
In the meantime Saint George is also shrugging off the do-nothing foreign players. Only three starters and reserve Togolese defender Esuf Bourhana, were hardly impressive as play maker and former Gormahia midfielder Kenyan Hamfrey Meyona and nowhere close to the score sheet Ghanaian striker Richard Arthur left Saint George after an undisclosed mutual agreement. All three are said to have remaining contracts. Ghanaian defender Edwin Frempong and Kenyan international goalie Patrick Matasi are the two remaining foreign players with Saint George.
According to football fans, this season might be the last for foreign footballers as a new format is highly expected to come into practice.

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