Rumors have Addis Ababa Football Federation going solo


With Mekelakya relegated and only two sides from the Addis Ababa remaining at the upper tier, many clubs from the Capital are said to forge an alliance to form their own league. At the start of the newly formatted Premier League two decades back more than half of the 14 teams were from the Capital.
The bizarre situation surrounding the Ethiopian Football Federation getting worse and worse like this and the Army side relegated, the 75 plus year old Saint George and popular side Ethiopia Coffee are the only two teams to represent Addis Ababa considered by many as capital of the continent for having the second most number of international offices. Agricultural Marketing, Berhanena-Selam, Nyala, and Ethiopia NegedBank are some lost from the face of earth while Medin (Ethiopia Insurance) and Ethio-Electric are battling to stay breathing.
According to critics this is mostly to the negligence of the federation that gave little or no attention to government sponsored clubs as they only belong to an institution. In addition to being run by politically affiliated officials, regional clubs have a vast amount of financial resources comparing with government sponsored teams and have lesser control over their expenditures. “This means government run clubs are easy prey for relegation. It is easy to count those clubs relegated due to unfair treatment of the governing body,” remarked critics. “But it is the gravest mistake made by the federation for those government financed clubs were pillars of Ethiopian football,” the critics added.
Having these facts for the record and EFF getting weaker and weaker by the day, this may be the ideal time for Addis Ababa to run away and form its own league competition.