Wolkite boss Dereje Belayneh expresses gratitude


After promoting Wolkite Town to the upper tier by topping the eleven side group table, Dereje Belay’s stay with the team is said to be unlikely because the coach is on a mission to face a new challenge somewhere else. “I came here to do a job and having accomplished it in success, I am expecting big rewards,” the former Mekelakya and Ethiopian national team defender Dereje told reporters.
This is the third time Dereje helped a promote in to the upper tier. What is amazing about the big accomplishment is that all three made it to the Premier League for the first time in their history under Dereje who always advocating for coaching freedom. After promoting two clubs Sebeta Town and Jimma AbaBuna from Oromia he made it with Wolkite Town a Southern region side just 150 kilometers from Addis Ababa. “My biggest gratitude is to my spouse for she took all responsibilities at home in my absence which is most of the time. Also my appreciations to Wolkite Club officials for letting me have the freedom in my job,” Dereje remarked following the joyful celebration of the team’s promotion.
After twice leaving the clubs he steered to the Premier League in his very first season at the top tier, Dereje appears to be convinced that the cut throat atmosphere at the Premier League doesn’t give him comfort. According to a staff member, Dereje who doesn’t care about the big salary at the Premier League wants to join a new club with the potential for promotion.