Amanuel wins crown, Addis, Mujib close behind


Ethiopian Premier League champion Mekele Seba-Enderta’s striker Amanuel G/Kidan was crowned top scorer of 2019 season. Sidama Coffee’s one man strike force Addis Gedey and Adama’s Mujib Kasim finished second and third respectively.
Though the 18 goals was the lowest tally in the last five seasons, considering the chaotic situation all through the season, it is a big achievement for the Gondor born striker who spearheaded his side Mekele to its first ever championship title.
Many admired Amanuel not only about finishing top scorer. But his consistency all through the season and his disciplinary records are said up to high standards therefore likely to take double crown as Best Player of The Year. Amanuel scored in the season final match against Sehul from a spot kick thus won the accolade in a single goal difference.
Young goal machine Addis Gedey is considered the jewel of the seasons most surprise package Sidama Bunna. Had it not been for the stunning 4-1 defeat at the hands of Mekelakya here in Addis Ababa, Sidama could have won the league title swiftly. But short of experience for both the players and the coach they finished second and yet introducing one of the deadly finishers this season Addis Gedey with 17 goals in his name.
Joining the ranks late in the season, Fasil Town target man Mujib Kasim was never heard before the season’s second round. But once in the chase, Mujib stayed consistent driving Fasil almost to the title. Though disappointed in losing the title on the very final day finishing third with 16 goals gives some consolation.