Super League Ethio-Electric advocates for a new league format


Super League side Ethio-Electric joined hands with heavy weights Saint George and Ethiopia Coffee to demand a formal change of format for the coming new season. “Unless the federation gives a response to our letter concerning our grievances, we may be obliged to look for other options that may undermine the federation’s position as the country’s football governing body” Electric board chair person Mr. Essayas Dender told Nahoo TV Sport show.
Though some are implying that Electric is using the excuse to return to the upper league in a short cut, Mr. Essayas explained in detail not only about the problem his club faced in the Super League but also about the major issue of finance and facilities that are the short comings of almost all clubs. “It is even a big loss for the government for its hundreds of millions Birr annual budget is spent for no good reason,” Essays remarked.
According to Essayas a club spends millions in organizing away matches and a new format will surely help the sport by far better than the current one that is more about spending a huge sum for logistics. “Electric spends not less than 300 thousand birr for a single away match,” Mr. Essayas disclosed.
“Well others that are short of finances are obliged to travel more than 500 Kilometers for away matches. This is harsh for the players with a consequence of losing matches. Above all it is forbidden in FIFA regulation to travel by bus more than 200 kilometers, Mr. Essayas underlined.
In fifty plus years in Ethiopian Football, the two time Ethiopian champion Ethio-Electric contributed lots to the sport including number of renowned footballers for Ethiopian national team as well admired for being fountain of young talents.