Gebremedin Haile new chapter in EPL history book


MekeleSeba Enderta Coach Gebremedin Haile made history as the recent time first ever Premier League Coach to win the title back to back. He also wrote a new chapter in Ethiopian Football history to win two Premier League title with two different sides in two consecutive seasons.
It took the former Ethiopian national team and Saint George popular player more than a dozen years wandering in not less than ten sides before leading AbaJifar to the premier league title in its very first season at the top tier. Signing effective foreign players including Okiki Afolabi, champions AbaJifar was purely Gebremedin’s individual success story.
When Gebremedin resigned from AbaJifar instead of leading them in to African Champions League, he took many by sheer surprise. But he proved right for he led Mekele Town to championship title in his first season with the club.
Although a side built on a strong base under former Coach Yohannes Sahle, Gebremedin’s arrival along with some players from champions Jimma AbaJifar turned out the key factor for Mekele Seba-Enderta to became the first ever Northern Ethiopia club to claim the league title. Add to that Okiki and Amanuel G/Kidan top scorers of the league in consecutive seasons under Gebremedin, one could conclude that he has discovered the formula how to win the league title.
Two premier league titles and four knock out Cups under his belt; Gebremedin Haile became the most successful Ethiopian Premier League coaches among his contemporaries. Former Saint George player later turned Coach Seyoum Kebede and Ethiopia Coffee, former Coach Wubetu Abate are the only two bosses to win the coveted title.