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EFF Executive Yosef Tesfaye parachutes to glory

After a long absence from public Ethiopian Football Federation Executive member Yosef Tesfaye suddenly parachuted out of nowhere to share spotlights along with Ethiopian elite referees back from international fixtures in glory.
Though Yosef is the chairperson of the national referee committee, he stayed shy of the public even at the time when his presence is much needed in the wake of serious accusations against referring. He never even bothered to appear in public either to defend or take responsibility for whatever wrong happens in referring. One can only conclude it is only to ride on the backs of the three referees that returned home after a successful campaign at Women World Cup final in France and African nations’ Cup final in Egypt.
He was all over the TV screen on Tuesday leading a Press Conference held at Jupiter Hotel. ” I am here to do what is an usual in Ethiopian Football that is acknowledging our referees success at international stages and extend our appreciation to their success” Yosef remarked.
“He chose this particular time to appear in public. Even when fingered as a middleman for the controversial EFF Walias kit deal with UMBRO, he never bothered to appear in person. Why now?” A critic suggested. “He shouldered in to the spot light to share a piece from the referees’ glowing success. I believe neither the federation nor the referees committee had any contribution in the three individuals’ achievement” The critic added.
Lydia Assefa shared her excitement about officiating an important France Women’s World Cup group match while the renowned international referee Bamelak Tesema presented himself in full smile announcing he is working hard and on his way to become the continent’s number one referee. Assistant referee Temesgen Samuel in his part stated that he had learnt a lot in his first experience at such international level.
It is really a story to be told for the moment is a huge success for all three for they emerged from the chaotic Ethiopian football and that their achievement is the result of their personal hard work. Big hands for all three for flying the tri color at international stages.
But to Yosef who is considered an opportunist ready to ride on the back of others success, his stage appearance is just a showoff to announce his come back out of a gloomy shadow.


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