Kifle Boltena vows Sebeta is about title contention


The first ever Coach who made history promoting to the Premier League without a defeat, Kifle Boltena announced the football standard at the top tier is hardly in a higher class than the Super League. Sebeta is already a strong team built by young talents. Except adding some experienced players, we are not much worried for the coming new season” Kifle stated to reporters.
Steering back Sebeta Town in to the Premier League with flying colors, Coach Kifle Boltena became a household name in the town just twenty five kilometers from the capital. Being home for one of the most passionate football fans, the club appeared little worried about the new adventure at the Premier League. According to Kifle having unwavering fan base, a strong backing from the town administration and an exemplary leadership from club officials, Sebeta has every resource to build a Premier League competent side. “Premier League survival is not Sebeta Town’s agenda, It is about mounting a strong title contention” Kifle who is considered veteran in Super League championship stated.
Thirteen wins, nine draws and no defeats in their promotion campaign, Sebeta returned to the upper tier with a flying color winning the group seven points clear of runner-up Legetafo Town. Scoring the highest (38) and conceding the lowest number of goals (17), kifle’s ambitious plan of contending to the league title may not be surprising. “Jimma AbaJifar won the title in its first season at the upper tier and Mekele taking the trophy two years since promotion. Therefore there is no reason Sebeta could fail to build a side capable of challenging the title” Ambitious Kifle remarked.